NTCIP Testing

Trevilon Corporation offers state-of-the-art NTCIP conformance testing using the most up-to-date ENTERPRISE test procedures maintained by Trevilon System Engineers and Consultants.  Once NTCIP equipment has been procured, it is crucial to perform the necessary tests to ensure that it complies with the project requirements.  Trevilon is the industry leader in testing services for NTCIP with its services sought after by State Department of Transportations including VDOTWSDOTMnDOTAzDOTSDDOTODOTNCDOT and GDOT and a variety of manufacturers.


During his tenure at Iteris, Trevilon President Kenneth L. Vaughn, P.E. managed the development of the NTCIP Exerciser approved by the NTCIP Joint Committee. In addition to his work with the Joint Committee, he has worked with ENTERPRISE to produce test procedures for Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) and Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS).  Trevilon has completed development of NTCIP test procedures for Closed Caption Television (CCTV) also with ENTERPRISE, I-95 Corridor Coalition, ADOT and the Federal Highway Administration. Test procedures can be found in the test procedures section.

Often times with new implementations, areas of non-conformance are identifiable.  Due to our expertise in the area of NTCIP, we are able to identify the exact NTCIP requirement not being met and the likely causes in the software design as to why the implementation does not perform correctly.

We can include in your quote:

  • on-site testing of the DMS, ESS or CCTV equipment, including reasonable efforts to alter conditions to ensure proper values are returned (e.g., covering a photocell to decrease ambient light and ensure that the sign dims)
  • fees for the use, rental, and maintenance of Test Procedures, testing tools, connectors, etc.
  • travel for Trevilon personnel to access the site
  • reasonable efforts to investigate any anomalies that are detected to determine what may be causing the problem
  • a report documenting the test results
  • a certification document stating that we performed the tests and that the device passed (provided it did of course)
  • a report documenting the test results


The test of a message sign requires roughly one week of on-site presence; we generally are able to schedule one of our qualified staff to perform such a test as long as we are given a 30-day notice and a 45-day window to perform the test (i.e., the actual test would be performed within 75-days of notice). The exact week for the test would be identified at the start of notice.

We also need to know the exact features which are to be tested prior to scheduling so that we know the exact communication details and so that we can start preparing the test plan.



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