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NTester is a tool that allows an individual unfamiliar with technical details of the ITS center-to-field standards (including NTCIP, ISO 15784-2, and SNMP) to test devices for conformance.  It acts as a management station and sends requests to the device to ensure that it reacts properly. Version 3.0 includes:

  • A set of built-in automated test procedures for:
    • CCTVv1
    • DMSv2
    • DMSv3
    • ESSv3
  • Supports manual testing through a MIB browser,
  • Supports SNMP
  • Supports UDP/IP, and
  • Allows users to develop their own test suite through an innovative interface. 

While it is designed so that a novice can use it, the software provides experts and manufacturers an automated way to perform rigorous testing in a repeatable fashion.  For more information, contact us.

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PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

The original version of NTester is still available for free download.  Version 1.3 provides automated tests for version 1 Dynamic Messages Signs (DMS), Environmental Sensor Station (ESS), and Closed Caption Television Camera Control (CCTV). This version of the software was released as freeware under an agreement reached with ENTERPRISE, the I-95 Corridor Coalition, and the Federal Highway Administration. This version is only available for Windows XP and does not include the ability to develop test suites, or provide MIB browsing capability, or detailed information about the steps being performed.

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