Independent Validation and Verification

Trevilon provides independent validation and verification (IV&V) services to ensure that systems being developed meet functional requirements, design objectives and is delivered on-time and under budget. By providing thorough testing services and through the use of formal systems engineering processes we are able to significantly minimize errors and problems.

The Trevilon approach to IV&V is independent of on-going development efforts. IV&V is a key element in mature development, integration processes and life-cycle management and is a valuable tool for validating results. IV&V is a disciplined process encompassing far more than formal testing or traditional quality assurance.

Unbiased incremental reviews result in:

  • The identification, analysis and management of key issues and risk factors
  • Reduced time-to-build and time-to-market
  • Adherence to project specifications and functional requirements
  • Reduced project management and technical support costs

NTCIP Conformance Testing

Trevilon Corporation offers state-of-the-art NTCIP conformance testing using standardized test procedures.  Once NTCIP equipment has been procured, it is crucial to perform the necessary tests to ensure that it complies with the project requirements.  Trevilon is the industry leader in testing services for NTCIP with its services sought after by State Department of Transportations including VDOTWSDOTMnDOTAzDOTSDDOTODOTNCDOT and GDOT and a variety of manufacturers.

Trevilon President Kenneth L. Vaughn, P.E. managed the development of the NTCIP Exerciser approved by the NTCIP Joint Committee. He extended this work with the ENTERPRISE pool-fund study and the I-95 Corridor Coalition to produce test procedures for Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS), and Closed Caption Television (CCTV) along with an initial version of NTester to automate these test procedures.

With our expertise in the NTCIP and related standards, Trevilon can assist manufacturers and agencies in detecting areas of non-conformance and identifying the exact NTCIP requirement not being met. Further, with our knowledge of software design and the debugging tools, we can often point the manufacturer to the likely causes in the software so that corrections can be made in a timely manner.

Our testing services include:

  • On-site testing of the DMS, ESS or CCTV equipment, including reasonable efforts to alter conditions to ensure proper values are returned (e.g., covering a photocell to decrease ambient light and ensure that the sign dims)
  • Fees for the use, rental, and maintenance of testing tools, connectors, etc.
  • Reasonable efforts to investigate any anomalies that are detected to determine what may be causing the problem
  • A report documenting the test results
  • A summary letter stating that we performed the tests and that the device passed (provided it did of course)