About Trevilon

Who are we?

Trevilon is an industry leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) founded in 2000 and currently headquartered in the Houston, TX area.  Our firm is internationally recognized as an authority in ITS standards development, NTCIP conformance testing, procurement review and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of systems.

Trevilon Corporation was founded by Kenneth L. Vaughn, P.E. in September 2000 with the goal of advancing ITS standards through consulting services and product development.  Mr. Vaughn is an internationally renowned engineer and co-author of many national and international ITS standards; these standards define how the various components of ITS communicate with each other to fulfill user needs.

Leveraging Trevilon's expertise in these standards, Trevilon has developed and released NTester®, which has become the industry standard for NTCIP conformance testing.  The original version of NTester was developed in cooperation with ENTERPRISE, the I-95 Corridor Coalition and the Federal Highway Administration.

In addition to product development, Trevilon offers an array of engineering and consulting services to the Federal Highway Administration, State Department of Transportations, equipment manufacturers, standards development organizations (SDOs) and other transportation entities. While Trevilon is most visible in the ITS industry through our participation in the ITS Standards process, NTCIP testing, procurement assistance, and IV&V, we are also involved in deployment support, project management, and software development.

What is ITS?

ITS is the application of various technologies deployed in an integrated fashion to improve the safety and efficiency of our surface transportation system.  ITS technologies include detectors and sensors, information processing, electronics, central systems (computers) and communications.  These technologies are tools that are enabling a transformation of a transportation system.

The Future

As government entities continue to experience budgetary shortfalls, ITS will be looked upon more to solve transportation issues.  The strong demand for future improvements has created tremendous opportunities for companies like Trevilon that understand this new paradigm and plan accordingly.  Through innovation and leadership, Trevilon is at the forefront of this effort.


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